Saturday, July 22, 2006

Serial A...

This blog entry is in honour of Emmy (as in the Emmy awards) my colleague and also uni mate. As I have described J before, I shall now proceed to describe Emmy (it's only fair as I might be accused of being biased). Is her blog entry just to offset J's entry? At first yes but then I realized how integral she was to my sanity during uni time. Before I get to that, let me first describe Emmy. She's petite (not positive thing for me), fair (extremely - her thighs usually blind me - before you think lesbian - she wears skirts so I can see them - sigh - everything needs clarification) and cute (she wears glasses, purple butterfly - kinda nerdy - but it works for her - sexy smart). She is extremely smart (effortlessly and annoyingly so) and yet willing to share information thus humble in demeanor. What does all this have to do with my sanity (which by the way I probably drove her nuts with my constant rambling through out the 15 minute drive)?

Studying and working at the same time is a crazy (to me). It did not help that I was never the studious type. I constantly procrastinate (until today) and other negative stuff that a student should not do (I constantly remind my students). But going to uni with Emmy kept it all together. During registration, I looked at her and she looked at me and we both said "'re doing your masters?" (or something along that line) so thus the start of a wonderful friendship. After class we'd usually go to Murni with Shirley and enjoy 'loh see something' (I obviously have no idea how to spell that - mee tikus and Shirley forever tom yam). It was mentally and physically exhausting but worth the effort. Well Emmy, I enjoyed your company and may the friendship continues. Lots of hugs and smiles.

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emmyjemmy said...

hey Leena!!
you have no idea how much i miss having u with me now :P we just clicked rightaway and it was great that we got to do stuff together in class.

a toast to our sanity (hopefully we'll still have it after we finish masters!)