Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I was watching Beyond Borders a few nights ago. I was hit very hard with the images of suffering and those images are not even the raw footage of what is really going on as it has gone through the Hollywood process. But even then I got really sad thinking about the people that are suffering...Especially children. I get hungry and thirsty during Ramadhan but at the end of the day I get to pick and choose from the many delicacies available to break my fast. People at these places call hell on earth do not have that choice. And I think to myself, what have I contributed as a person part of a society that is stable. Yeah I give money to foundations that I believe in but what do I really do as in to physically help? I should be volunteering to go to these hot zones like when Indonesia was hit by the tsunami. What stopped me? I do not have the responsibility of a marriage...no husband...no children...I should go. What stopped me was work...I cannot just pick a bag and leave as there is no way my institution would just allow me to take a 3 week leave to do volunteer work. Sounds like an excuse but it happens to be a solid one. So I have made up my mind to find a way to not work for people but to be my own boss in a few years time. Do I have the guts?? I do not know for sure...there's a lot of planning involved and not to forget the financial part. But at least then I have the freedom to do some of the things I plan. Some might say it's naive for me to even consider but I guess this is one experience I have to learn on my own. So even if I fall, I can get up with pride because at least I tried.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Amigos para siempre...

Friendship is one of the best relationship a person can have (of course this comes from a person with no love life - but try to have an open mind). I do not have many female friends but the few that I have I treasure beyond priceless material things (seriously - not trying to sound cliche-ish). Two of my best friends, Monster and Pink Lady, and I have been been through the toughest parts of our lives together since teenagers eventhough at times we were not there physically but only in thought. We've been through breakups, hookups, wedding, births, death and even dissatisfaction among the three (sporadic communication for two years) and yet I have always had them in my mind and we always come back to each other. I don't have sisters, so these two would be the closest I get to ever finding out what sisters might feel like. Pink Lady's children are like my own especially Princess. What I treasure the most is that we never feel the need to sugar coat our words as we felt that the truth is more valuable than trying to protect each other. Only those that really care for you are willing to face the storm when confronted with truth. I guess this is especially true for me because it is in my nature that I am often blunt and sarcastic (so like House). But that also means my friends are able to tell me truths that I need to hear (especially those that you really don't want to hear). I hope that our friendship will remain true forever. Monster and Pink Lady...lots of love and hugs!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Empty Hearts

Renaksi & Eseret...my fantasy.