Monday, July 17, 2006


Qualification: B. Ed. TESL, M. ESL (currently pursuing)
Occupation: English Teacher

So technically, I am not to make any mistakes in my usage of the English language. this true? No. Why? Well for one thing I am human. Humans make mistakes. But rest assured that I don't make atrocious mistakes that shame the people in my field of occupation. Careless? Yeah...even though I always tell my students to double check all their written work. I have one particular student who picks up these mistakes that I have done (twice to be exact). I do wish to extend my gratitude (I swear this is from my heart - not sarcasm) to Nicky boy for doing so as it keeps me on my toes so that I can strive to be the best that I can in my role as an educator.
"ein Herz und eine Seele sein"


Ah Liew said...

I love how you're being all neurotic in your response to my little comment(s). It has truly made my day.

Eh, lunch/dinner/mamak howw?? Did ms shirley talk to you? Update me.

LeenaSanzo said...

Wei...I am not being not neurotic...just appreciative... wing...5.00pm.

ali said...

nicky..good job :)..anyways no fair u guys are meeting up and i'm stuck here in nz back again..dammm..

syachou said...

Shudn't it be But ret assured? hehe, sorry, can't help it.

syachou said...

oops, rest.. not ret