Thursday, May 20, 2010


The thing about blogging that makes it interesting: strangers commenting on what you have written. Now why is that interesting? Well, having a person who does not know you commenting on something that was on your mind is an eye opener (really assuming that anonymous is really anonymous). Sometimes it gives you a fresh perspective. Though it does seem kind of lame that I'm mentioning this when there aren't that many strangers (readers) that are reading my blog. Lamer when I only blog at certain times coz I prefer to tweeter daily. We are such Internet freaks at times.

What do I want to do this weekend? Movie? Robin Hood (A bit skeptical - loved Kevin Costner)?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Freak II: reading

I keep mentioning that I'm a TV freak...but then again that's not the only freaky thing about me. I'm also a book freak: fantasy, sci-fi, murder, spy, and anything else under the sun. But I guess the freakiest bit would be my fascination with you can fully read and understand, I don't consider freaky a bad word...^_^. The first vampire book that I read is a classic: Bram Stoker's Dracula. I remember clearly how fascinated I was with the character...a man that is evil yet there's an understanding as to why he did it. That was the start: my fondness for vampires. As I grew older, I continued to search for vampire books and I found Anne Rice. I love all her books pertaining to Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis de Pont du Lac, Armand and others. I highlighted 'books' because I hated all the Hollywood movies about Anne Rice's books. It was a failure...I mean...Tom Cruise as Lestat...Brad Pitt as Louis...blearrghhh...I guess Antonio as Armand was the closest to the book. Once I covered Anne Rice, I searched for more which was when I realized that the vampire literature got a bit clogged up with all the romance vampire icky stuff. Don't get me wrong: romance is good but the gooey stuff they write is just too sweet and disgusting at the same time that it induces continuous vomiting. Again, don't get me wrong...I like it when a dude saves the day but when the dudette is weak (I mean anorexic weak with an hour to live) kills the story. If you read about Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs (by the way she's a walker), that's one strong character driven woman. And no I'm not a I wrote before, I like being saved by a man but at the same time I would like to be able to use my brain. I really hate that term 'feminist'....eargghhh...OMG...I completely ran away from the topic: vampire...sigh. Back to topic: whoever that's interested there is a whole load of books that is soooo interesting. And get this: not all vampire books are about vampires only. There are the weres (referring to anything that can change into animal form), walkers, fae and many others. For relax reading, go for 'True Blood'...I mean a southern vampire story...sweet (not icky) or read anything by Kelley Armstrong, Christine Feehan or you want to read anything on selkies and vampires then read Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising (there are two more books). Honestly, I can go on but getting sleepy...yawn...will read a book before I sleep...good night readers (if there are any).

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
Edgar Allan Poe

^-^ Reading is a relaxing way to unwind. I read fiction...not reality based.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soul mate...

TV freak...that's what I a week ago I watched 'Sex in the City' for the gazillionth time. It came to one scene where the four ladies were talking about soul mates...or lacking of soul mates. And I liked Charlotte's response to Carrie's sadness in not having a soul mate:

Carrie: No, I know I have you guys. I hate myself a little for saying this but… it felt really sad not to have a man in my life who cares about me. No special guy to wish me happy birthday. No goddamn soul mate… and I don’t even know if I believe in soul mates.

Charlotte: Don’t laugh at me but maybe we could be each others' soul mates. And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with.

Samantha: Wow, that sounds like a plan.

Carrie: I’m thirty-five, thirty-five is not twenty-five.

Miranda: Thank, god!

Samantha: Oh, Shut the fuck up, I’m a hundred and forty.

It amazes me how it reflects my real life. The conversations that I have with my girlfriends are always about finding the right man. But what if that particular moment has passed? And when I say that, people think that I've given up. The thing is, it's not about giving's just that I go through my daily life as it is. I don't really search because I don't know what to search for. I mean, I've got ideals but at the same time I know that ideals don't exist. People are people and wanting to change them to be your ideal is not going to work. People don't change. I'm also surrounded by people who can't seem to help themselves to wish for my wedded bliss. I thank you for caring. I have friends who are happily married and I also have friends who are seriously sinking into a deep hole even with a man in their lives. So will I get married...I don't know. Do I wish it? At times I do but at times I don't. But do you know what I really want...a baby. ^_^ That's for another entry.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ms. Audrey...

I'm going to write about something that is sensitive. Sensitive in a lot of ways. A friend wants me to write about it and in honest truth it's not a subject that I'm comfortable with. This issue is a growing issue. Me, being a lecturer, I see it happening all the time. Before this my attitude has been I'm okay with it because everyone has the right to make their own choices even though they are wrong. Then it happened to a person I know. So for those who are reading...what could this issue be? Well, let me tell you: lesbianism and homosexuality. I've always had friends and students who are in the category of being apart from society. I say this not a demeaning way but let's face's not an easy concept to acknowledge. Why? Well for me it's pretty simple: religion states clearly that homosexuality or lesbianism is not something accepted. It's not a gray area...which is why this is not a comfortable issue to talk about.

Let me tell you about this friend: let me address her as Audrey. Why? She's a fanatic when it comes to Ms. Audrey Hepburn. She obviously a Malay woman thus making her a Muslism. We have been friends for quite sometime. I remember not meeting her but a conversation I had with her. This is what I asked her: "Would you be by any chance a lesbian?" Those who know me, know that I can be quite direct which I truly believe is much better than if I gossiped about her. She was a bit taken aback but she still replied. Her reply was: no she was not. So I let that go as I believe she was telling me the truth. I easily trust people and I also believe that she had nothing to hide from me. As time progressed, we got to know each other more as we both enjoyed each others' company. Then one day she dropped a bombshell: she was technically seeing an ex-student of hers. Why did I use the word 'technically'? Well, this young lady (really young - cradle snatcher young) is living in the UK. So they have been communicating with each other through FB, Skype and whatever else that's online. And their communication has gotten intimate and she had also started to care about this young girl. I was surprised but not too surprised as that was the original vibe I got. I honestly told her that I wished that it was a young boy as opposed to a young girl. I mean, I'm not a saint, never claimed to be one but at the same time there are lines that I don't cross. So I told her what I felt which is: I don't fudging agree. But at the same time I did tell her that she's an adult therefore she should make a choice about what needs to be done. Don't we all agree that a thousand people can give you advice but you might not necessarily take it. I had a feeling she was going to get burned. I mean, cynical me knows this: she's young, my friend is a Muslim...put that together it's going to crash and burn. I got to know this young lady online and we chatted. She talked about her fears and I was placed in an awkward position. Deep down, I wanted to tell her to end it which I know my friend would probably no longer be a friend now. So I let it go and told her to wait and see my friend in person then decide. So she did come back. Spent some time with my friend and true enough...towards the end...she ended it. This left my friend with a broken-heart. She is still suffering and I do feel for her but at the same time I'm relieved that it is over. It sounds evil I know but a broken heart is always better than sinning. At the end of the day, religion is my major concern because at the same time I'm looking at my life and realized that I have a lot to work towards. I need to get closer to Allah. I've always taken religion for granted as I always believe that I've got time. But do I? Do I have the time? But let's not go there...that's another blog entry. So Audrey: it hurts now and honestly I understand but believe this: at the end of a dark tunnel there is light. Lame...I know but seriously there is light. So be strong and open your heart again to the opposite sex. I mean there are not many left...seriously...but never know.

On the authority of Anas, who said: I heard the messenger of Allah say:

Allah the Almighty has said: “O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as its.”

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been a long time...

It has been a freakishly long time since I last logged in to my blog. A lot obviously has happened...thus having the inability to focus on a particular subject. So what shall I do...well why don't I talk about TV...since I love TV so much...I mean I really love TV. Illegally downloading stuff...I mean seriously against the law...which I understand and accept. But it really doesn't change the fact that it takes forever for TV shows to come in. Not only is time the issue but also the sensitive censorship board issues. Don't get me wrong...I do agree there is a need to censor certain stuff but at really kills the story...whoa...I'm way off track...I wanted to talk about let me get back to TV...TV series...police dramas...I love police dramas...I mean CSI...minus Miami...David Caruso spoils the joy...Criminal Minds...Without a Trace...NCIS...and NCIS:LA is coming...I watch those on ASTRO...what do I download...The Mentalist, Warehouse 13, Supernatural, Castle, Fringe and a few others...why do I like downloading these TV shows...I've got a good answer...first and cuts past the lousy advertisement that takes a llllooonnnggg most of these episodes last about 45 minutes...some even less than that. I also want to mention that I miss 'Friends'...I mean I really miss the quirky banter, the odd couple, the sarcasm and also the friendship. Nothing is as entertaining. So what sitcom am I watching: Cougar Town...funny enough...though not as funny as 'Friends'. I mean if I could make money writing about the joy of watching TV...I'd do it...and be a millionaire. And that's on TV alone...if I talk about movies...freaked out is what you'll be...coz I watch across continents, culture, language...yadda there you first blog of about my obsession with TV. obsession with yes people...the 2010 topics will be on obsessions. Ciao...^_^

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long time... has been a long time since I last blogged...have I been busy? Well yes...I have...but honestly, I just can't think of anything to write. I'm wondering what 2009 will entail...maybe...hopefully... an interesting entry?!?! ;-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Multiple Intelligence

Some intellectuals around the world say that the ability to understand the world is a complex matter...based on personal experience...yeah it's a complex matter. The Internet is definitely a good source to try out all these tests (especially if you have the unstoppable urge to fill in blanks - like I do). So I tried this 'Multiple Intelligences Test'. Well for those who are curious, I will share my list of intelligences:

1. Intrapersonal (myself smart): I know myself well, especially in terms of strengths and weaknesses.
2. Logical (number smart): Good in mathematics, which is true (eventhough I am teaching language - go figure)
3. Naturalistic (nature smart): I enjoy the world of plants and animals, surprisingly true, though my plants usually die on me...hmmm...
4. Visual/Spatial (picture smart): Supposedly good in art, able to read maps...hmmm..not quite cause I suck at map reading and double suck at art...but I am good at solving picture puzzles.
5. Kinaesthetic (body smart): Enjoy sports...athletic...well I guess I enjoyed sports at one point in my life but now the weight issue (fat) is making this difficult...:-(
6. Interpersonal (people smart): Enjoy mixing in groups, be involved in activities...hmmm...actually I am quite the introvert as I enjoy being by myself.
7. Linguistic (word smart): Enjoy reading and writing...well I definitely enjoy reading to the point that some people may call it an addiction but writing...blearghhh...I definitely suck at that...funny thing is...I am good at teaching it...;-).
8. Musical (music smart): Enjoy music and able to recognize music but recognize sounds...aih..nope..definitely not!

Now for those of you who are interested in finding the levels of your intelligences please visit this website: