Monday, January 09, 2006

Cradle Snatcher

I finally found someone interesting enough to actually initiate some sort of communication when suddenly I googled him and found out something that was too scary to even consider. I looked at his birthdate and guess's June 26, 1981!!!!!! That's like 5 freaking years!!! I was 5 years old when his mother gave birth to him!!!! I finished Form 5 and he just entered Form 1!!!! I was so disappointed...he was nice to look at and there's something about his character that really peaked my interest. I wish I was the type that could coolly accept an age gap that huge but unfortunately I can't. I guess if I looked 23 instead of 30 which I will be this year then I don't mind so much. Colleagues keep telling me that Demi and Ashton is a good example which I will roll my eyes to that statement...I mean duhh!!! I need to look something like Demi to make that work out. And how bout maturity...we all agree that the male species tend to mature at a slower rate than the female I am back at the drawing board and probably put a curtain over it and let it rest awhile...I am tired...Selamat Hari Raya Qurban to all.