Friday, February 25, 2005

The Gender of my Brain

I finally figured out why I am not yet married. My brain is half female half male or to be exact: 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male...fewwgghhh...thank God the percentage for female is higher. What does this actually mean...well according to the explanation given it's good: my brain is a healthy mix of male and female and I am both sensitive and savvy; rational and reasonable. I also tend to keep a level head (the irony). But I also tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. By the way Dil if you are reading this I am 80% Leo. I am a sucker for all these online testing thingamajig. I was curious enough to find out what gender my brain is and lo and behold my brain is both. And I also found out that the country I belong to is UK...blarney...not what I want...thinking more along the line of Fiji Islands. Another thing is I don't belong in the year 2005 but I actually belong to the year 1966...what an old soul I am. Last but not least the meaning of my name:

N is for Normal
U is for Unreal
R is for Remarkable
L is for Logical
E is for Excellent
E is for Enchanting
N is for Nice
A is for Abstract

So I am normal but unreal; all the other good stuff but also an abstract...hmmm...weird. Well if some of you have all the time in the world to go check out these quizzes...go try...kinda fun...silly but fun. Ciao...;-)


skipper37 said...

Where to take the test la? I have a feeling I have the same brain type as you are.. :)

Dil said...

cool... i dont think i want to find out what sex i am... hehehe

syachou said...

took the gender thing... wanna know what i am? jeng jeng jeng.... go see my blog lah..hehe