Monday, November 12, 2007


Have you ever gone through a time where you needed something so badly but it is just out of your reach? It is a need so bad that you're doubling in pain cause you do not have it. It is there for you to see, touch or smell but you can not have it because it does not belong to you. And it will never belong to you because you are not worth it. You might ask: why do you want it when you can not have it? Humans are like that, wanting something that they can not have. In this case, I can not have it because it is not interested in being owned. Sometimes I close my eyes and dream how it would feel like if I could have it. I know I will care for it, nurture it and love it. But that is all I can do, dream. I am learning to live without it. Not easy of course but it is something that needs to be done. So it is probably the last time I need something like I need this thing. I will be relieved once this need disappear. But it will probably take some time. Wish me luck!

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