Monday, September 18, 2006

Sri Lankan dinner part 2

The Sri Lankan dinner was so delicious. And I, in the midst of all the excitement of an all female uni mate dinner, forgot to take pictures of the food and the people (which I planned in advance…sigh). So that leaves me only one describe the people and the food which would not be the same. Let me start with a brief description of the people involved in this wonderful dinner get together. Most important of course were the hosts, Shamara and her wonderful sister Kamuthu (chef extraordinaire). They are from Sri Lanka, and of course Shamara is an A star uni mate whereas Kamuthu is an expatriate (her husband is currently working in Malaysia). They live in Bangsar. Next would be Emmy, my partner in crime in uni, whose job is to keep me walking in a continuous straight line. Then there’s the ever classy Rose, who looked superb that night as usual. Emmy and I met her in one of the many elective classes that we took. Then there’s Amelia, Emmy and I met her for the first time that night. She is Shamara's and Rose’s classmate.

Why would I put this dinner event in my blog? Well let me put it this way, it is one of those rare nights where a group of women from various backgrounds (such as being married, with children, single, young and middle aged) all met up to enjoy a wonderful dinner and talk about everything under the sun. It was a nice night to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Emmy and I arrived on time at about 6.30 pm. The rest got there close to 7 pm. We had drinks and talked for awhile (about uni matters no less). Then we started dinner around 7.30 pm. The food was great (as in I could do those ‘travel and living’ shows and describe the food as one of the best meal I had). Kamuthu served us chicken beriani where the chicken was soooo tender and the spices just nice, prawn curry where the prawn is not over cooked, grilled potatoes with sautéed onions, spices and dried fish, and lastly the cubed salad with fresh yogurt. I mean some people might say “So what? We have beriani here in Malaysia. What’s so great about what you had?” True I suppose but what made this worth mentioning is because it was done to perfection. All the flavors just came together to create this unforgettable taste that blew us or me away. After seconds (couldn’t help myself – not disciplined enough), it was dessert…orange soufflé without the crème. Now here I was thinking without the crème the soufflé wouldn’t be so nice…was I so wrong. The orange soufflé was so tangy and sweet that a spoonful in your mouth was like a burst of 10 oranges. I mean I am seriously not exaggerating, Emmy, who does not have the required taste bud for sweet things, said that it was delicious. I was also appreciative that they remembered that some of us don’t take alcohol because the soufflé should have had some Grand Marnier in it. But even without the Grand Marnier it was soooooo delicious. Personal friends would know that I need to get on a diet and exercise but that night I couldn’t care less about getting thinner as I also had a second serving of the soufflé.

All in all it was an unforgettable night. Emmy and I plan to take Shamara out to dinner as a token of appreciation for cooking a splendid meal. It has to be soon as Shamara will leave for Sri Lanka soon. Hmmmm…a trip to Sri Lanka might be interesting… ;-).

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emmyjemmy said...

hey, been a long time since i read ur blog :)

so ketinggalan zaman. the dinner was gooooooood, and the company, great! too bad we din make it to take her out - but nvm, we'll make it up to her next yr when she graduates! hehe