Tuesday, November 09, 2004

New blog

Well a new blog spot for me as I have terminated my other one as the ramblings got a bit too violent and evil. Eid is almost here and it has been a wonderful Ramadhan for me as it was sort of a gathering of friends from all over the place. The only incomplete part of my life is that I wish I have someone other than family and friends to share my life with. Please don't mistake this for ungratefulness...I am happy with my life as I have everything that a person would want except for a partner to share it with. And it really gets lonely at times especially at gatherings where friends bring along spouses and my favourite part...babies...the yearning always bring tears to my eyes. A lot of my friends say that I am very choosy...I am...not in terms of looks but in terms of character...I have been burnt before so bad that trust is the most sacred thing that is difficult to find. It is so difficult to find a malay man that is not a typical malay man (mmbbuaahh would really have something to say about that statement)...but at the same time I do understand that I am not perfect either...my friends will vouch for that at any time (pink lady and mrs. hua zhe lei). I am not feminine...I am not thin at all (I could lose a lot of pounds)...I am not gorgeous (and I am not being humble just honest...that is what blogs are for)...I am damn sarcastic...But at the same time I am also a nice person and at times people say that I am hilarious (people say not me)...so there you go...the sad chapter of my life as an intro...actually on other days I am quite a cheerful person...melancholy hit me bad today...must be the festivities...;-)!

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