Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Weight issue close to my heart or maybe I should say closer to my thighs, ass, flabby arms and the list goes on...Pilates (pulateez - pronunciation not at all according to the spelling...matsalehs go figure), Yoga, The South Beach Diet, The Atkins, The Zone, Weight Watchers, and the more extreme makeover Liposuction (scary procedure - imagine a long tube scrapping your insides and sucking out yellow pink fatty stuff) are some examples of modern weight loss programs/procedures. What did we have in the 80's - the ever present Jane Fonda's aerobic video then later on it was Cindy Crawford (I spent the whole time admiring her perfect body - zero movement). I have always wanted to lose weight (friends would hurl projectiles if they read this as I have said it a gazillion times). But I really do - Reason (1) in a fantasy world the 'ONE' would love all of you including the extra baggage - reality = bullshit because no matter what anyone says, looks or in this case body shape comes first...I will be 29 in the year 2005 so I need to get hitch soon (the hitch thing will be further dealt with in another blog). Reason (2) health scare...the lifestyle of today's population is food is a major source of unhealthy fat intake thus leading to heart problem, cholesterol and so I really don't want to keel over at a tender age. Reason (3) clothes...gosh there are so many cool stuff out there but it never goes beyond the L size (which is actually still way too small) so I have to resort to the Ms. Read section, Total Woman or the Big Brown Bag...what joy! NOT! So these are the reasons why. Some might ask why not a gym..been there done that...spent RM2000 for membership but I only went there like 10 times...what did I do - sauna and jacuzzi and maybe about 5 minutes on the bike or some other forget that. How bout diet pills...been there done that too. I think I know the solution - a mental change first...I need to set my mind on what I want then the body will follow next...but to get over the mental block of laziness is the biggest hurdle I have not yet been able to do...sigh...same ole' same ole'. -wish for a magick fat wand- abracadabra and puff there goes the fat-


Dr.M said...

Ohh.. di sini hang rupanya.. haks..
well , regarding the ceramah i gave dont really think it was good. i did not feel good about it. hehehehe need to practicwe my ceramah skills next time.
hey.. why so dark lor your blog !! haks..

Anonymous said...

you should proud if u can fit to the ms reads stuff... i cant make it or can i say not even dare to try... somehow.. its not about being nice but still there are beauty lies in you...

Anonymous said...

Do you think bird flu is going to be a problem ?

I heard it would hit USA & Canada this fall.

Is there anything to the bird flu panic ?