Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Curve ball...

I hate it when life throws me a curve ball that I can't handle...It just swings by at such high speed that when it hits me...wham! I am done for...sigh [I need to be emotionless for awhile].


jaya said...

entry from my blog:

"Monday, March 27, 2006
What do you do when you're suddenly bowled a quick, good length, leg cutter coming in from just outside your leg stump? A quicker batsman would glance it down to fine leg with a liquid flick of his bat on the backfoot.

Not so straightforward when life throws you something unexpected, is it?"

emmyjemmy said...

jaya: u sound like a sports commentator or sth. u play cricket? or sth similar? :D

and no, we all know life is anything but straightforward...if it was, sth is seriously wrong somewhere :P

jaya said...

yes emmy i played cricket when i was in school. ;)