Thursday, February 09, 2006


Brokeback Mountain

I knew of course that this movie touched on the issue of homosexuality. Clarification on my position on this issue: I have gay and lesbian friends, I accept their choices as individuals but I do not condone it as I believe it to be a sin, there are no grey areas in this matter only black and white. So here was my expectation: I have always enjoyed Ang Lee's movies like 'Eat Drink Man Woman', 'The Wedding Banquet' and so on. The reason why I have enjoyed his movies were because of his focus on the minute details that made his movie realistic and believable. So I was curious as to how he wanted to approach a movie about two gay cowboys. I mean cowboys people- Marlboro man stereotype - macho, tan, horseback riding, nice fitting jeans and all the delicious details that embodies a stereotypical MAN. I also wanted to see two good looking actors who I admire for their acting skills and looks (shallow but whatever) - Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. So I was thinking, two heterosexual men are going to show case their acting skills and at the same time provide me with some eye candy. So I bought the DVD and took it to a friend's apartment as I felt that I should watch it with a friend which was a wise decision as I cannot begin to describe how disturbed I felt when the movie was over. My friend's neighbours were probably thinking that these two ladies were probably watching a horror movie with all the screaming and yelling. Typically, a gay movie revolves around two guys whereby one of them is sort of feminine (broken wrist) and there tend to be a humorous element inserted. But this movie did none of those as the depth of emotions that these two men brought forth was too much for me and my friend to handle. The tenderness that they express focusing on minute details like a touch, an expression of sorrow, a look of love, a gentle kiss were too real and that made it so scary. If I were to make a comparison to 'My Own Private Idaho' (Nor would know this), 'Brokeback Mountain' is so much more that I cannot find the words. If I, a woman, watched this and felt uncomfortable, I cannot imagine a man watching. The passion that these two actors showed was so real that I actually believed that they were so deeply in love with each other and this feeling of love grew deeper within the span of 20 years. Unbelievable. I strongly believe that this movie should not be watched by our youths. The implication of it is so huge that it might create a new generation that is willing to take the forbidden step to go against religion, society and nature all for the sake of LOVE. Some might not agree with me well everyone has an opinion and this is mine.

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