Thursday, November 24, 2005

Procreation 2

All the buns are out of the warm ovens...

May Allah bless the births of these three wonderful babies (all scorpios hmmm....) -

1. Iman Nur Laila Zulfiqar
2. Aneesa Farzana Wan Azrizul Azad
3. Myftzal Dzaeffran Qayyum Mafeitzeral

If Myftzal's sire teaches him all that he knows regarding the matters of the heart then Laila and Aneesa will have to fight for his affection...hehehe...then the parents will have a jolly good time managing that. Can't wait to see that. Insyaallah.

Well now friends have started on the number two and three children and I have yet to find a partner to procreate with...hmmm...shall 2006 be the year? I guess I have to wait and see.


Cherish This Time
So your baby is here!
What joy and what pleasure!
Now your life is expanding,
To make room for this treasure.
A darling newcomer
To have and to hold--
Her (His) smiles are more precious
Than silver or gold.
She’ll (He’ll) demolish your schedule
Though she’s helpless and small;
She’ll make her needs known,
And she’ll rule over all.
See, a new parent’s work
Is just never quite done,
But you’ll never mind,
‘Cause it’s all so much fun.
When you hear her cute giggle
You’ll start "aahing" and "oohing,"
And she’ll soon reply back
By "ga ga" and "goo gooing."
Those big innocent eyes
See a world strange and new;
To make sense of it all
She’ll look only to you.
So cherish this time
Of miraculous things--
The excitement and wonder
That a new baby brings.


azad said...

Thank you. But Aneesa and Myftzal are 2nd cousin's, you know.

Your beau will come to you in due time, Insya Allah. Maybe sooner than you expect. :)

syachou said...

Amin to that... ;)

LeenaSanzo said...

Hmm..I forgot the 2nd cousin thing...but there will be other suitors...hehehehe.